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 How to battle [updated]

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PostSubject: How to battle [updated]   Sun Apr 06, 2008 3:59 pm

Here's how you battle IN STEPS :
STEP 1: Dice roll :
Admin carried out 1 launched of one (Monsters.) :

STEP 2: Wait for joiners : Wait untill you think no one else will join

STEP 3: Start battle : Anounce that there will be no more joiners'

STEP 4: Decide who goes first : This matter's up to player's but give the monsters chances too...

STEP 5: Attack step : to figure out how much damage you do;do this
Self Attack - Target Defence = Damage
Say i have 5 atk and enemy has 3 defence;
5 - 3 = 2
that means that its 2 damage. Heres how you calculate that if its miss or less damage: we type in
because 0 is for the miss and 2 is because it's the highest damage you can do...
so it will randomly select a number between 0-2 *only other number in this case is 1*
Random number (0,2) :

STEP 6: Record step : after step 5 put the damage you did in code and show it like this;
Enemie HP : 8
then put another one for how much hp you have for a reminder;
Username HP : 10
And that's how record step works.

STEP 7: Victory\Defeat : plz wait for updates


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How to battle [updated]
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